Empower patients to self check in

The Self-Service Check-in Kiosk allows patients to check in at the clinic and update their personal information in seconds, without staff assistance.

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Three simple steps

How your patients self check in

One step identification

Patient enters a valid health card number.

Swipe feature for selected states

Swipe feature for selected states

Magnetic band reader that validates the User ID card in real time (selected states).

Patient validation on kiosk
Patient update information on kiosk

Update patient information

Phone numbers and emails are validated by patients during the booking process to ensure their medical records are up to date.


Appointment details are displayed as confirmed, late or cancelled and patients are told where to go next.

Patient views appointment status on kiosk

Way Finding

Direct the patient to the appropriate waiting room through instructions on the kiosk

Help reduce traffic at the front desk

While speeding up check-in procedures.

No staff assistance required

How your clinic uses Self-Service Kiosk

Turn-key solution

Tablet, installation of the kiosk, customer support and an extended warranty.

Easy activation

Set appointment types for each staff member to open and that’s it, patients can self check in!

Set appointment types for each staff member from the dashboard

Appointment status updated

Patient’s appointment status switched to “Arrived” in EHR in real time.

Technical considerations

Requires electric outlets and a Wi-Fi internet connection.